Testing your System

Perform a System Test in 9 Simple Steps

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Performing a system test regularly is recommended to ensure that your system works properly when you need it. Please note that during this test, there will be no action taken by the monitoring facility until your test expires or you have requested to be taken off of Test Mode.

  1. Call the monitoring facility at (877) 274-0604 to place your account on “Test Mode." This is to prevent false alarms to the local authorities.

    Provide the operator with the main phone number on your account, and have your central station pass code ready. Simply indicate “I would like to test my system.” (We recommend a 30-minute test period, but you may specify a longer period of time if needed.)

    End call with operator.

  2. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed.

    Panel Panic Buttons: Hold each panic button for about 2-3 seconds.

    Hostage Code: Simply enter your hostage/duress code. Your panel should say “disarm” or “subdisarm” indicating a good test.

  3. Arm your alarm as if you were leaving your home or business.

  4. Allow your system to fully arm. When the panel stops beeping, this indicates that your exit delay has expired and that your system is fully armed.

  1. Trip each sensor individually to test, and write down what was tripped so verification can be completed. (You may receive notifications to your phone and email during this process.)

    Door/window sensor: Open the secure door or window.

    Motion Detector: Avoid the motion sensor’s view for 5 minutes after arming and then enter its view by walking across its line of sight.

    Smoke Detector: Press and hold the “test” button until the smoke detector sounds 9 transmission beeps.

  2. Allow your system to sound for at least 45 seconds to 1 minute after tripping each sensor individually. This is to ensure that your audible alarm is working properly as well.

  3. Disarm your system by entering your Master Code or User Code.

  4. Clear the panel’s alarm history by pressing “Status,” then “Disarm,” then “Status” again. If you are using a touchscreen system, instead press the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen, and press the “Clear” button next to “Panel Status.”

  5. Contact the monitoring facility at (877) 274-0604 and ask for your test results. Again, have the main phone number on your account (or account number) handy.

This completes your system test!
If the monitoring station did not receive signals, chat with us.